Saturday, May 23, 2020

Scraper Madness

Scraper Madness

Getting Jiggy Art Class

This class was made possible through a grant for The Show Gallery Woman's Art Resources of MN.

  • Supplies List:

  1. Table Tarp Donated By Art Barn 52 Framing Solutions
  2. Acrylic Paint (Acryology - Dollar Tree)
    1. Vermillion
    2. Deep Yellow
    3. Deep Brown
  3. Utrecht Paint (Blick)
    1. Bright White
    2. Deep Black
    3. Matte Medium
  4. Canvases (Dollar Tree)
    1. 6" x 8"
    2. 8" x 10"
  5. Palette Knife Set of 3(Dollar Tree)
  6. Hardware store Scraper
  7. Hardware store plastic 4 sided v or square notch
  8. 2" Gesso Brush (Dollar Tree)
  9. Water Container (Dollar Tree)
  10. 6 mixing cups (Dollar Tree)
  11.  Paper Towels (Dollar Tree)
  12. Watercolor paper

  • Going through the Supplies

* I added a few more items into the kit that I felt would be very handy.

  • Setting up your work Table

  • Starting preparations - First Layers 

  • A Little Recap

  • Lets get the next Layers down shall we! Like Frosting A Cake. 
    • Orange

    • Yellow

  • It is time to get our Scraper and Palette Knifes Rock'n

  • Final Stages # 1

  • Final Final Stages #2

I hope you had fun exploring with the Scraper Madness class.
If you enjoyed this class & created a new beautiful painting, 
please post it on Instagram, twitter or Facebook 
I would love to see what you have come up with.  


mediumDebbi said...

Katie, Love your Scraper Madness video! I want to get some of notched scrapers, where did you find them?
debbi Ripp

Catherine A. Palmer said...

You can pick up the grouting tool from Ace Ware.